Are You Looking For Accounting Firms in Jersey City? Ring Us!

Will your business be more profitable if you focus on the actual business instead of handling a range of administrative tasks? If you are really looking for Accounting Firms in Jersey City, then we at AD Sharma is here to help you out with your Accounting and Bookkeeping services. We offer you options for better management of your accounting and bookkeeping deeds. Our technicians are very experienced and will help you realize your increase in profit and provide the robust accounting and bookkeeping solutions to minimize the time you had to spend on it.

The Value-Added Services of Bookkeeping

The Accounting Firms in Jersey City are no wonder do miracles but what AD Sharma does is beyond our perspective. Apart from all the bookkeeping services, AD Sharma offers few customized reports that enables better analyzing the revenues and expenses. Here is a list of additional service that we serve to you.

  • Client Reports – We try to determine our most and least profitable clients.
  • Staff Reports – We analyze the expenditure of staffs with the help of year end reports.
  • Categories of Expense – We need to break down the expenditure and divide them according to the categories. Be it a product line, office or region; this kind of report provides us a specific analysis of the expenses.
  • Event Exploration – We improvise our expenses for particular events.

Services For Multiple Industries

At AD. Sharma, the bookkeeping services are customized to serve in case of any individual’s need. The Accounting Firms in Jersey City including AD.Sharma knows exactly how to provide the exact services to tailor the organizational goals. We have an expertise team who work constantly on packages that suits your business requirements. We provide bookkeeping for the following industries –

  • For Real Estate
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping for Bank
  • For CPA Firms
  • For Small Businesses
  • For Large Corporations

Why Do You Need To Work With Us?


  • We are a Certified Public Accounting firm
  • More than 10 years of successful experience
  • Clients claim our services to be one of the best Accounting Firms in Jersey City
  • Integrity and Quality of work
  • Latest Technology
  • Improvising and streamlining workflows
  • Customized solutions for specific business module if needed
  • Quite affordable to access by the team of professionals which includes CPAs, MBAs, and CFO experts.

We at AD. Sharma has the capability of recognizing the biggest challenges that are mostly faced by the small and mid-sized business. The corporates who want to stay constant and modest in current work culture are associating with companies who are experienced. They are committed in making them more effective and succeeding and all the more profitable.